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Sometimes we are uncomfortably reminded of how much we depend on digital technology. The past week I have been struggling to function without my Mac computer. The internal hard drive needed to be replaced and 6 days later I am still in limbo awaiting the part to arrive for the repair. As a perfectionist, I have been extremely frustrated because nothing has gone the way I had planned. I have lost the ability to edit videos, invoice clients, and prepare estimates and I am challenged yet again with what to share on The Creative Push.

A month ago my friends and fellow artist Randy Purcell and Val Adams started what we called a weekly mastermind meeting. At each meeting, we set business goals we want to accomplish, offer each other support, and take accountability so we can grow. The meetings have been so inspiring we decided to record our session this week and considered sharing it with others.

Mastermind business meeting at a Valentine Adams house
Mastermind business zoom meeting
Podcast work in Garage Band

This morning I decided to take our recording from yesterday’s meeting and create a podcast on a whim. I spent the whole day learning how to make the audio files better, create an intro + outro, add music, and export everything to a podcast platform. While I realize our content is from our own individual businesses, I believe that many of you may be struggling with similar goals and may find some useful knowledge in this episode. I may regret my spontaneity later but I wanted to see if any of you find the information interesting so here is our first-ever PODCAST!  

On another note, many of you know that I live on a hill and my home is often referred to as the treehouse. The deck is pretty old and the staircase on the backside had become extremely dangerous with age. After our mastermind meeting, the three of us went out back, gloved and armed with hammers, a sledgehammer, sawzall, a grinder, and pry bars to remove the stairs. I am so grateful for Randy and Val, these guy’s really came to the rescue! After a year of financial struggle due to COVID, with a quote from a local deck company of $2600.00, that amount of money just wasn’t in my budget. Now all I just need to do is replace the railing and do a few other repairs. If you have a reputable deck repair referral please let me know!

Next week if all goes well and I have my computer up and operating I will be sharing a new episode of The Creative Push featuring Georgia Cross, a digital marketing strategist here in Nashville. She will also be offering some great information in the future to help us all grow our social media and content creation strategies!

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