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Online Photography Courses

Photo Fundamentals & Techniques

Creative Art Principles & Interviews

Business & Marketing Essentials For Freelance Creatives

Tips, Skills & inspiration To Help Grow As An Artist

The Rockstar courses below are designed to be taken by starting with the lighting course first, then composition, and finally the exposure course. You can take single courses if you prefer or go with the limited-time offer Rockstar Photography Course Bundle (above) with all three to save!

What Students Are Saying!

“Sheri’s classes have been my favorite and I love the way she teaches. She really knows how to break things down for students to understand easily. She is hilarious! I love how she is a teacher but also allows her students to have fun in class while making jokes with her! She is awesome and I have learned so much from her! I am definitely going to miss her as I move on with my career! Thank you for all that you have done for me!”

Hannah Ingram

“Sheri’s business class taught me to become better at communicating with others. Whether through an elevator pitch, a mission statement, a resume, or any other business channel, she helped me hone my skills to the point where I felt extremely confident when interacting with others. Sheri prepared me very well and that self-confidence helped me land my first job in less than a month from graduating from college. Sheri truly cares about her students and their success.”​

Dusty Draper

“Thank you for speaking at Art Camp! It was the best seminar I attended. You were clear, had actionable steps to achieve goals, and were really engaging. Thank you again for all of the wonderful inspiring information!”

Alison Logan

“I consider myself one of the very young grasshoppers in the industry to have been taught by Sheri. Not only did her classes prep me to join the real tough business world but her genuine interest in helping others to be the best they can be is totally priceless!”​

Antonio Fajardo

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