Montage of Christa Schoenbrodt's illustration work.

Artist and illustrator Christa Schoenbrodt is a soft-spoken visual artist creating fresh, colorful, fun, and often enlightening work. Her work attracts almost any genre in need of something creatively unique, handcrafted, and organic in appeal. Often incorporating leaves, florals, birds, and butterflies, her connection with nature is noticeable within her whimsical artwork.

Christa Schoenbrodt in her home.

Christa knew from a young age she wanted to be an artist, she loved art, crafts, and drawing pictures of animals. She felt a connection to art at a very young age and fed that interest year after year growing up.

Christa Schoenbrodt as a kid playing with playdoh.
Christa as a kid.

Her favorite high school art teacher, sculptor Debra Fritts helped nurture her interest by teaching her multiple creative mediums and techniques which still inspire her creative process.

Christa Schoenbrodt with her High School art teacher Debra Fritts.
Christa Schoenbrodt with her High School art teacher Debra Fritts.

With the desire to study art and design, she attended Louisiana State University which eventually led to an internship at a local design studio. While waitressing to put herself through college, she took part in a work-study program at LSU Publications. This allowed her to gain vital business knowledge which would later help in starting her own business. She even won her first Addy Award (now called the American Advertising Awards) for a cover she and a fellow student designed and illustrated for LSU’s School of Law. Her college degree gave her the foundation to work with ad agencies and design studios in Louisiana and Tennessee upon graduation.

Music City USA product mockup.
Music City USA product mockup.

After leaving her job at a Nashville ad agency in 1996, she felt it was the prime time to start her own business as an artist illustrator, and graphic designer. Her design business Studio Haus, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, proof that she could be successful doing what she loves. Her youthful spirit has made for a perfect fit with designing illustrations for festivals, branding, books, non-profit outreach, and the music industry. Christa’s design work is uniquely customized and created for each client she works with—many of whom she has worked with for years. Her illustration work is often enchanting using vibrant repetitive swirls and florals with hand-lettered text.

Leafy Mandala Love Product mock-up
Leafy Mandala love product mock-up.

Today, with more than 30 years of experience, artist, and illustrator Christa Schoenbrodt is a seasoned graphic design and lettering pro. She generates work for events, companies, and individuals including brand development, websites, books, signage, and product packaging. 

Love bridges Any Distance heart seal product mock-up.
Love bridges Any Distance product mock-up.

“Running a business presents so many creative opportunities and Covid was a big one for most. While it has definitely been challenging, I’ve welcomed the chance to learn new business skills and spend more time in my studio learning new mediums and techniques. I recognize my unique and surprising good fortune to be able to say that the experience has been a mixed blessing.”

Christa admits that COVID-19 changed her workload after most of the live events and festivals she worked on were canceled in 2020 and early 2021, causing her to lose a substantial amount of work. The downtime has allowed her to innovate and try new things, as most small business owners needed to do. She began teaching private online yoga classes to help generate income.

Handmade paper lantern.
Handmade paper art light.

“There are many times when I am going through a difficult phase where I have to say to myself, joyful effort, and that helps me to move through those times when I am stuck or unsure of what lies ahead.” -Christa Schoenbrodt

Hand-painted ukulele
Hand-painted dulcimer.

In 2019 Christa applied and was accepted as one of three awarded to learn traditional and contemporary craft skills from master craft artists in the Tennessee Craft Master Artists (MAAP) Apprenticeship Program. She learned how to handprint repeated patterns on natural textiles through the program. Using carved linoleum blocks and silkscreen techniques through the tutelage of textile master artist Jeanne Brady, she discovered design principles for printmaking, what kinds of ink to use, techniques for aligning a pattern’s motifs, and even how to control the pressure of the carved blocks (for linoleum block printing) and a squeegee (for silkscreening) in the printing process.

Today, because of the apprenticeship influence, she is creating custom designs and experimenting with ink tones and transparencies on fabrics such as rayon, cotton, and silk chiffon. She has found so much joy with this opportunity conceived effortlessly from her unique design and illustration style. She feels that the program enhanced her creativity, making her a better artist, and continues to explore new ways she can add them to future work.

Printmaking at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.
Printmaking at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.
Christa Schoenbrodt Luna Moth.
Luna Moth

“I love the creative process in all its forms. Almost always influenced by nature, I feel the possibilities are endless, whether inspiration strikes in the studio, on the trails, or after a beautiful snow.”

Christa Schoenbrodt printmaking pattern.

“A well-rounded life experience feeds the creative process so I don’t limit my perspectives to strictly visual arts. In addition, to travel and seeking outdoor adventures like hiking, kayaking, and cycling, I have practiced yoga for well over 25 years and taught it to others for over a decade. These interactions not only keep my mind fresh but they also inform my thought processes while helping to keep me in shape physically to offset the often sedentary experience of design and art-making.”

Christa Schoenbrodt at Mount Elanor.
Christa Schoenbrodt at Mount Ellinor.

Christa’s playful personality and curiosity shine through in her work. Moving forward she hopes to find ways to travel more and occasionally works from the road so she can spend more time outdoors, another of her great loves. Her graphic design business is primarily done on a computer using design applications, an internet connection, and meeting with clients through Zoom calls so she feels it might be a perfect fit to work remotely. 

artists at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts
Christa Schoenbrodt with other artists at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.

Outside of these assignments, she plans to eventually have an online store where she can sell her illustrations and artwork. Christa created my super cool Learn and Create logo and designed and illustrated Nashville Guitar Guru, Dave Isaacs’s book cover that he shared on an earlier episode of The Creative Push.

If you would like to see more of her graphic design, illustration, and lettering be sure to visit her website or her Instagram page.

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