What Customers Are Saying!

My customers mean the world to me, I strive to maintain customer satisfaction in all that I do. Here are a few reviews from past customers who have worked with me or taken some of my courses. The relationship I have with my customers is what I thrive on and is what drives me to continue to create better content. I want to provide a good foundation for learning while building relationships with the people I work with, for me my clients are a part of my creative family.

"Sheri did a great job writing a recent article for Bluegrass Unlimited!  After reading her Facebook posts for years I am always impressed with her emphasis on creativity and her passion for the things that she does.  I appreciated those things about her before I even knew her whether it be photography or writing.  In the brief time that I’ve worked with her, I can now also say that I greatly appreciate her attention to detail, her professionalism, and her communication skills in keeping me informed."  She is a pleasure to work with! 
–Dan Miller   
Managing Editor at Bluegrass Unlimited
"As a part-time model, I've shot with many local photographers--but Sheri is one of the most creative, enthusiastic, and professional photographers I have met. She came up with the concept and the location and we told the story of a mythical faerie/water nymph and she continued to come up with new ideas as we shot and as she surveyed her surroundings. The end result is absolutely beautiful! One-shot in particular still remains my absolute favorite and serves as my headshot for most of my social media and modeling profiles. She's serious and yet fun, all at once and I would be more than happy to do more shoots with her in the future!"  
–Meg Nordmann Rhodes 
"Sheri's art captures your eye, then draws you in one layer at a time. She is the most diverse artist I've ever encountered. Most have a specialty but with her, she sort of seeks every expression and medium possible. Like a musician that plays a ton of instruments." 
–Joe Flara  
Systems Developer at Alliance Coal
"I consider myself one of the very young grasshoppers in the industry to have been taught by Sheri. Not only her classes prepped me to join the tough real world but her genuine interest in helping others to be the best they can is totally priceless!" 
–Antonio Fajardo   
"Sheri’s Business of Photography class taught me how to better communicate with others. Whether it be through an elevator pitch, a mission statement, a resume, or any other business channel, she helped me hone my skills to the point where I felt very confident when I had to communicate with others about my business. Upon graduation I researched businesses in my area, I sent my resume and portfolio out to those I was interested in working with as a photographer. I was contacted a few days later by a photographer, he said my resume and portfolio were very impressive and he would like to interview me for a position. When I went for the interview, I was prepared and excited, I spoke confidently while giving my elevator pitch and speaking of my experiences. I was hired that same day and I absolutely love working for them.  Sheri prepared me very well and that self-confidence helped me land my first job less than a month out of college. Sheri truly cares about her students and their success.  I am very thankful I had her as an instructor."
–Dusty Draper
"Thank you for speaking at ArtCamp on Saturday.  It was the best seminar I attended.  You were clear, had actionable steps to achieve goals, and were really engaging. Thank you again - wonderful, inspiring stuff!"
–Alison Logan
Arts Coordinator at Battle Ground Academy

"Thank you for such an inspiring talk you gave at the Art Camp event. It really was the best one I attended. Wishing you the best."
–Jeff Frazier
Photographer at Jeff Frazier Photographs
"I have had the privilege of working with some outstanding photographers over the years and I can only say that Sheri has a rare talent. She can capture that extra spark that makes a composition go from good to great."
–Stanley S. Parks
CEO at Stonewall Publishing Group
"Sheri is an incredibly talented artist and a master of her craft! She has an eye for detail and a commitment to her clients. Highly recommended!" 
–Mike Provo
Owner, MP Contracting
"Sheri's, classes have been my favorite and I love the way she teaches. She really knows how to break things down for students to understand easily. She is hilarious! I love how she is a teacher but also allows her student's to have fun in class while making jokes with her! She is awesome and I have learned so much from her! I am definitely going to miss her as I move on with my career! Thank you for all that you have done!"
–Hannah Ingram
Photographer at Hannah Ingram Photography