Portrait of Sheri Oneal

It is said that learning is an essential part of our existence and that art is a universal language. With more than 30 years as a creative pro, I started Learn and Create to share inspiring knowledgeable content with those who want to grow as artists. My hope is to build a family of creative people who want to learn, grow and express themselves with skill and imagination. My goal is for you and me to become better acquainted with each step forward in this new journey.

I have worked as a commercial photographer for most of my life, offering my services for ad campaigns, magazines, marketing companies, and independent businesses. I have created all kinds of professional imagery for my clients- people, lifestyle, travel, culture, architecture, and product photography are just a few.

Nashville Commercial photographer Sheri Oneal working as a creative for more than 30 years.

Outside of commercial work I find the most satisfying part of creativity is in being an artist, a writer, and an educator. When I produce personal stories, fine art imagery, and other items such as jewelry, mixed media assemblage, and decor.

For years I have mentored young adults, offered consultations, taught workshops, and even headed a travel abroad class for students wanting to learn about travel photography. My experience as an educator started at Daytona State College more than 25 years ago teaching a pilot ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) business course in which I was a member for more than 25 years holding volunteer positions as newsletter editor, Vice- President, and President. For 10 years, I enjoyed teaching photography, marketing, and business courses as an adjunct instructor at Nossi College of Art. In 2010 I was the founder of a nonprofit flood relief art project called “ReTune Nashville” that provided relief to uninsured musicians in the industry through the sale of artwork created from flood-damaged musical gear.

I enjoy inspiring and helping others learn through creativity so I wanted to build something online that I could share. I hope that you will follow along as I navigate this new journey and I look forward to helping you learn something new while getting to know you.

*If you would like to learn more about my work here are some other sites you can explore, Inspiration Avenue, SOP, and Thinking Diva.


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