Bands an The Barn, Australian singer-songwriter Kristina Burgoyne.


It’s been a whirlwind of a week! My little sister got married and I have been in Florida for seven days so I am a bit behind. This week I want to share some music from Australian singer-songwriter Katrina Burgoyne who performed at the private event “Bands At The Barn” that I attended here in Nashville. My wonderful friends David Billings and Susan Whitaker recently started a monthly gathering where friends and music collide so I felt this would be a way to incorporate something new with my weekly post for The Creative Push. 

John Archer and Suzie Futch wedding photo with family.
Family photo from my sister’s wedding over the July 4th weekend in Florida.
Arial of old Tennessee barn with tin roof renovation photo
An aerial view of David and Susan’s home with the barn in the back area of the property.

The Creative Push

David has spent the last five years building his beautiful dream home on a piece of property near Franklin Tennessee. He shares in this week’s video how he decided to save the old barn on his property on a whim in hopes of using it to listen to local songwriters perform. He has created his own private music venue and is booking musical songwriter guests once a month showcasing talent while enjoying time with friends. It is such a Nashville thing to do and I feel lucky to be on this special invite list!

David Billings Franklin Tennessee home
David and Susan’s new home completed in 2020.
Old Tennessee barn with tin roof renovation before photo
The old barn when David purchased the property.
Old Tennessee barn with tin roof renovation during photo
The newly renovated barn in progress in early 2021.
David Billings Franklin Tennessee view from home
The beautiful view from the barn near Franklin Tennessee.

Bands In The Barn

The show he dubs “Bands In The Barn, Summer Sessions,” is planned once a month and is a wonderful way to get out among our tight rather large group of diverse friends. My decision to cover June’s show featuring Australian, singer-songwriter Katrina Burgoyne was a spontaneous last-minute thought. I seem to be getting outside of my comfort zone much more these days and I am enjoying the process.

Australian singer-songwriter Kristina Burgoyne with her German Shepherd.
Katrina with her German shepherd.
Australian singer-songwriter Kristina Burgoyne live performance.

After attending the first small practice event in May I thought maybe I could start sharing parts of the show and do a Podcast interview with the featured artist each month. I purchased a used Zoom H5 from eBay, watched a few YouTube videos, and put together my own small portable podcast kit using old mics from my own music history 20 years ago. I purchased Final Cut Pro and am painstakingly learning how to edit videos as I go. As I grow my knowledge of audio and video production please realize the quality may be a bit rough in the beginning. 😁

Australian singer-songwriter Kristina Burgoyne.
Katrina Burgoyne

The Artist Interview

On Sunday, June 27th it was HOT, it was 90+ degrees at 1 PM when I got to the barn to set up. The show ran from 3 PM to 4:30 and I did The Creative Push Podcast around 5 PM feeling stinky and in need of a shower, like everyone else. Katrina and I did a short Q&A in one of the bedrooms after her live performance. In it, she details her creative journey to Nashville in 2017 to pursue her dream of becoming a country music artist in America. She shares her story of coming from a musical family, singing in the school choir growing up, and her feelings about music over academics. As a kid, she started playing piano but became obsessed with music when she picked up the guitar and wrote her own songs. She candidly shares about her brief TV role on the Australian version of The Bachelor, the hurdles of struggling with depression, moving to Nashville, and finding love.

Australian singer-songwriter Kristina Burgoyne web photos.

Katrina ended her live performance with the Maranda Lambert song “The House That Built Me,” one of my all-time favorite songs. It is a song that seems as if it was written for me and was a perfect way to end the show. With COVID-19 seemingly fading with each day, the past year and a half have offered a lot of time for self-discovery. One thing I know for sure is I understand the value of true friendship, personal interaction, and love for what I have in this life. These days I am spending much more time creating memories with my family and friends. I am putting myself outside of my comfort zone more often and learning how to live a better life. I am tired of living my life on the sidelines watching it pass me by, something that took a pandemic for me to realize. Life is meant to be lived and I don’t want to take anything for granted any longer.

You can find more about Katrina on her website

The Creative Push Artist Interview Vlog On YouTube

A behind-the-scenes and artist interview with Katrina.

Watch the YouTube video for more on the Bands In The Barn show with Katrina Burgoyne!

I hope that I am providing some kind of entertainment or joy by sharing my journey into the unknown. I know I am flying by the seat of my pants, I don’t know where any of this will take me but I am absolutely enjoying the ride. I want more interaction, I want more opportunity, I want to love more and to share. Please, if you are finding any value in what I am doing, share, like, comment, and let me know. If you have advice, want to be showcased, or just want to meet or talk, get in touch! I want to meet as many folks as possible and keep moving forward making memories. Thank you for reading!

The Creative Push Podcast

You can listen to the podcast interview of Katrina on The Creative Push and take it with you.

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