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Welcome to Learn and Create, a creative learning platform offering tips, techniques, interviews, skills, inspiration, resources, videos, classes and business insight to artists of all kinds. Explore your creativity while discovering how other successful creators make their art.

This is a place where you will find workshops, creative ideas, and other information for those interested in the arts. Showcasing creators in art genres of all kinds, you will discover the tools needed to help you grow as an artist.

If you are a hobbyist, an artist or a creative freelance entrepreneur, you will discover new informative skill sets needed to explore your creativity.

As an artist, photographer, writer and educator I wanted to share my love for the arts and help others learn along the way. As this site grows, so will the information so I hope that you will follow along on this creative journey of learning.

Be sure to visit The Creative Push! It is a place to discover how other artist navigate their creative lives. Weekly tips, interviews, resources and motivation to help you grow your talent as an artist!

The Creative Push is the informal conversational journal that Learn and Create shares each week, providing unique news, ideas and stories. It is a place designed to help motivate and inspire anyone interested in growing a creative passion. Here, photographer, artist, writer and educator Sheri Oneal showcases intimate and diverse artist interviews about people driven with the passion to create.

Artists and makers of all kinds share their personal insight, tips, advice and compelling knowledge into their processes with the world. They tackle important questions on creativity, growth and motivation as creatives. Artists, photographers, musicians, writers, and other inspired experts discuss what they create and why it’s important with the intent to motivate others.

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