Take Photos Like A Rockstar: Composition


Learn about the power of composition. This course teaches you how to choose a focal length, and select the proper focus while arranging the elements within your frame properly.



Take Photos Like A Rockstar

The Power Of Composition

Course Description

In this photography course, you will learn about the power of composition. The key rules of properly composing an image are shared that professional photographers and artists use. You learn how to choose a focal length, and select the proper focus while arranging the elements within your frame properly. This course will help you take better photographs while taking your imagery to the next level. With more than 25 years as a pro, I created this simple course in order to help anyone easily improve their photography. This course isn’t just about learning camera settings, it is about understanding the important elements of setting up and creating beautiful photography.

online photo course on composition

After taking this course you will understand how to create a well-composed photograph.

What’s Included

30 Minutes of video lessons with detailed information and Illustrations

iPhone photo examples used to prove these tips work no matter what kind of camera is used

Sign-up includes future updates, news, and access to a private Facebook Group

Early announcements for new courses as they become available

Downloadable PDF document of notes and homework

Access to online courses anytime

Instructor Sheri Oneal shares her 30+ years of knowledge as a pro photographer

What You Will Learn

✓ How to be a great visual storyteller

✓ The importance of using different focal lengths

✓ Simple tips and techniques to improve your overall composition

✓ What makes up a well-composed image and why it is important

✓ How to use lines to lead a viewer into your image

✓ What is Depth of Field and how to use it correctly

✓ How to use The Rule of Thirds when setting up a shot

✓ Why composition is key in taking better photos

✓ How using different camera angles can create more interest in your photographs

✓ How to be a better storyteller using color, space, and texture

✓ How to use alignment to enhance your imagery

Course Outline: Photography Basics

The Power Of Composition

In this course, you will learn the main objectives of the power of composition.

Lesson 1- Know What Your Subject Is

In this lesson, you are introduced to the importance of determining what your subject is and how to set up your camera frame in a way that tells a story. I share key things to look for that can make or break a photograph. I offer common mistakes to avoid and how you can strengthen the beauty of an image.

Lesson 2- Choosing A Focal Length

In this lesson, you are introduced to focal lengths and why they are important. I go over the different types of lenses that are available depending on the camera you are using. I explain how using different kinds of lenses can dramatically change the way that your image looks. I share what POV is and how to use it in your photos.

Lesson 3- Understanding Depth Of Field

In this lesson, you are introduced to the key elements of Depth of Field. I offer you an easy way to understand what a lens f/stop setting is and how it can change what is in focus. These tips will help you to understand why parts of your images may appear to be out of focus and how to make changes based on how you want your images to look.

Lesson 4- The Rule Of Thirds And Alignment

In this lesson, you are introduced to The Rule of Thirds technique and how to use it to enhance your photographs. I share the importance of alignment when shooting certain kinds of subject matter and offer photo examples. These tips will help you to frame up your subject in new and interesting ways creating powerful imagery.

Lesson 5- Lead In Using Lines

In this lesson, I share how lines can lead a viewer into a photo and why that can enhance your image story. I offer visual examples and tips that will help you create more dynamic imagery. I share interesting ideas that you can use in your own photos that will help engage your audience.

Lesson 6- Color, Space, Texture

In this lesson, you are introduced to how using color can enhance your photographs. I share how important the space is around your subject. I offer ways you can enhance your subject by being aware of your surroundings. I explain how to use texture in order to make key

online photo composition course
The Power Of Composition

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