Open book with top 5 learning resources for creatives.

The internet offers an amazing array of online classes in photography, art, DIY, craft, design, music, and freelance entrepreneurship. I am not one to watch tv very often, instead, I find myself looking at online videos that foster insight and knowledge. Over the years I have established a few resources I continue to visit that provide quality learning resources for creatives. Finding where to go online for quality learning can be daunting so today I thought I wanted to share my top 5 learning resources for creatives.

Vloggers, influencers, and creators have the ability to give tips, tricks and offer online courses that are instantly available as soon as they are uploaded to the web. The internet is an amazing pool of knowledge and you can learn almost anything from the comfort of your home with a simple search on Google. Whether it is a YouTube or TikTok video or a service-oriented website, you can find almost anything in an instant to help with your creative desires. 

Below I have put together my favorite top 5 online learning resources for creatives. These sites are guaranteed to offer an abundance of knowledge no matter what your creative genre. I also included a business-oriented resource because most creatives struggle as independent freelancers. Online business knowledge is extremely important, especially with branding in today’s market if you want to sell online. Each site has offered me a vast array of creative expertise, content, and unique ideas for growth as a photographer, artist, and independent freelancer.

#1 Creative Online Courses

Creative Live and founder Chase Jarvis have been a staple of my online learning for more than 11 years. I started following Chase when I got my first iPhone in 2008 because he was doing crazy videos and sharing his sports photography techniques online. He started Creative Live in 2010 as a creative learning platform showcasing live online courses out of Seattle. Since then the site has grown to offer more than 1500 courses in video, photography, business, money, art, design, software, audio, music, lifestyle, fitness, and craft-oriented content.

You can purchase individual classes, or choose from three different Creative Pass options. Pay $39.00 a month with no commitment, pay $15.00 a month with an annual commitment or pay $149.00 yearly ($12.42/mo). They often run specials, and I got my yearly rate locked in at $119.00 right around the Christmas holiday last year. They also showcase free select daily courses if you sign up for their mailing list.

For years I watched the free live content and gained a ton of knowledge although, with my short attention span, I admit to playing them faster and skipping through the Q&A sections. Creative Live is a wonderful place to find learning resources for creatives. Chase has a great book called Creative Calling you might want to check out if you’re looking for some uplifting inspiration as an artist.

#2 Internet Marketing Tips For Creative Freelancers

Miles Beckler teaches internet marketing and online entrepreneurship. He has become my geeky go-to for learning about online marketing and independent business branding opportunities. On his YouTube channel, you can find almost anything pertaining to marketing online and although some of it is way beyond my comprehension, with over 700 videos he gives basic to advanced options on all of the topics he covers.

Miles talks fast but breaks down each concept into small easily understandable segments. He never tries to sell you anything and gets right to the point of what he is discussing without a lot of rambling. He will guide you into the deeper perils of funnels, affiliate marketing, SEO, algorithms, analytics, keywording, WordPress, blogging, building a YouTube channel, and finding a niche among many other geeky things. This is a vital place to visit for learning resources.

#3 Online Business, Technology & Creativity Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online platform with more than 16,400 courses in business development, technology, and creative genres like photography, podcasting, music, painting, and trending topics. For years I wanted a subscription to the creative online courses offered by that migrated into LinkedIn Learning in 2019. The basic membership costs $25.00 per month but if you have a library card in Davidson County Tennessee it grants you free access. That may apply to other areas around the globe so be sure to check and see what is available through your local library! I am a library supporter and there are a lot of online resources there too!

The LinkedIn Learning platform has downloadable resources, quizzes, and certification certificates offering courses in 7 different languages taught by credible industry experts. The site states that they add 60+ new courses weekly and that it is AI-driven with search recommendations on their portal. I find that some of the classes can be stiff and similar to college classroom learning but they do offer solid detailed and in-depth content. It is a great place to go to find learning resources for creatives.

#4 Online Resource For Selling Fine Art

The Abundant Artist is a wonderful place to go if you are struggling to learn how to make a living selling your fine artwork as an artist. Cory Huff, writer of the book How to Sell Art Online: Live a Creative Life on Your Own Terms is the man behind this site offering courses, coaching, and a wealth of resources to help in your journey as an artist. You can sign up for free to gain access to helpful resources and he has a podcast. There is downloadable information about print-on-demand companies, online art classes, art magazines, blogs, art show checklists, spreadsheets, and much more.

If you’re looking to up your game by selling your fine art The Abundant Artist is a great place to start. Cory and his associate Sarah C.B. Guthrie offer coaching, master videos, and membership into The Abundant Artist Association, a professional trade association with live, in-person meetups, online training, a private Facebook group, and more. for $400.00 a year. They also have an application for consideration into a mastermind group for $300 per month, on a month-to-month basis. This is a perfect match to discover learning resources for creatives.

#5 How To Use Pro Photo, Video, and Audio Gear

Adorama is prominently known as an online store to purchase pro photo, video, and audio gear. But if you dig deeper on their site they also have Learning Center 42 West that offers all kinds of helpful stories, interviews, and information on topics, trends, how-to’s, gear, as well as features on the photo, video, audio, tech, and accessories.

Adorama is a great place to learn how to use the gear as a photographer, musician, or videographer but also if you need help creating and presenting your product or service online using sound, imagery, or video. While they are trying to sell you the gear presented in each article it is helpful to have references to products knowing you have options. These learning resources for creatives, especially photographers and videographers are free on their site and updated regularly.

These are the top 5 learning resources for creatives I have been using for several years but I am constantly searching and adding to my collection. If you find this list helpful I would love to hear from you. Please share and tell me what you discover along the way. If you have a learning resource you can add I would also love to know more!

Learn & Create News…

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Personally, I have been struggling with imposter syndrome and have fallen behind on my weekly artist interviews. I took some time to think about how I could continue on my path in a healthy manner and not constantly feel overwhelmed. I have decided to make some changes because I need time to create my own art outside of interviewing others about theirs. I will still be showcasing artist interviews and podcasts on The Creative Push but I also want to share my personal process along the way. I have to find a balance with staying in the flow. As I continue the challenging process of building my own online courses I want to be transparent in sharing the journey along the way.

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