Assemblage Art with old typewriter parts and book illustrations called Love Is Relative

This week I am taking a break with the artist interviews to be a part of my sister’s wedding but I have a great interview planned for next week! I do want to share some information about an art event that is happening this weekend if you are out doing the art crawl I have some of my assemblage art out there for you to critique.

This week I put together a video overview offering the backstory about several of my older assemblage art items that I created while going through a difficult time in my life in 2001-2002. These items have never been in a show because I was always too embarrassed by the sadness in them. I was worried about how I might be judged by the content because they are so different. Today my personality feels so different although I can see the thread of style that is still such a big part of my current work. In the video below I tell how I used the creation of art as a way of healing. Through the creative process, I was able to let go of my darkness, I was able to grow into who I am today and I am in a much better place in life. 

Upcoming Art Opening

This Saturday I have six pieces of art made from various kinds of repurposed materials. Four of them date back 20 years and are likely the strangest pieces of art I have ever created. They will be showcased in Nashville Tennessee, during the July Art Crawl at Turnip Green Creative Reuse. The venue is holding an opening reception for the show named “Heartscapes,” located at 407 Houston Street, July 3rd from 6:00 – 8:00. There will also be a 30-minute Facebook Live interview at 6 PM if you can’t make the event. The show will feature the work of artists Victoria Woodworth and myself, Sheri Oneal. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend so I created a video explaining the details of my work and offer some insight into what you will see if you decide to do the crawl. All of the art is for sale and it is marked down for the show should you have any interest.

Heartscapes Art Show Flyer at Turnip Green Creative Reuse

I had to throw this together pretty quickly, my mug is closer than I had wanted in the video, I recorded it through Zoom, and for some reason, it added a timestamp so I had to crop in closer to eliminate the annoying numbers. This is also my very first video edit in Final Cut Pro, I have no idea what I am doing but I am learning. I apologize for the red flashes in the video, yet another thing I am unsure how to fix or why they are there. If anyone out there has some advice for me to improve my skills, I am all ears!

The Assemblage Art Process

I admit four of the six pieces are very obscure and different from the work I do today. My vulnerability is wide open to the world of scrutiny with the four pieces, “Bottled Uncertainty,”  “Slice of Life,” “Untitled,” and “Seriality.” Despite their appearance, there is a piece of positivity within each piece through my written thoughts, to contrast many of the other visual elements.

A mummified mouse, a bird’s skull, and rusted saw blades are just a few parts that have been incorporated into these strange mixed media assemblage art pieces. They are all part of my healing from a difficult divorce and a time in my life when I was lost. I moved to Nashville for a clean start after a rocky divorce. I had to start from scratch with little money, I didn’t know anyone in Nashville and I had to also rebuild my photography business. This was a very emotional time for me and the art came out of me effortlessly. I have kept the pieces private because I don’t feel they represent who I am today but they are on display through the month of July and I would love to know what your thoughts are if you happen to visit the gallery.

 The first 2 years of my time in Nashville starting out are intertwined with these pieces of art created while I was in the process of renewal while experiencing depression and sadness. As my life began changing and I made it to the other side, art, songwriting, and playing at local writer’s venues allowed me the chance to rediscover, reinvent, and transform into who I am today.

The Art Work For The Show

“Love Is…Relative” Assemblage Art

Assemblage Art, Untitled, old book illustrations and typewriter parts by artist Sheri Oneal called Love Is Relative.

“Love Is…A Journey” Assemblage Art

Assemblage Art, Untitled, old book illustrations and typewriter parts by artist Sheri Oneal called Love Is a journey.

“Bottled Uncertainty” Assemblage Art

Assemblage Art, Untitled, old book illustrations, mummified mouse in old jar, rusty chain and nails Bottled Uncertainty.
Sheri Oneal Art

“Slice of Life” Assemblage Art

Assemblage Art, Untitled, old medical illustrations and saw blades by artist Sheri Oneal called Slice Of Life.

“Untitled” Assemblage Art

Assemblage Art, Untitled, rusty washers, wrench, typewriter parts and bird skull.

“Seriality” Assemblage Art

Assemblage Art, Untitled, old magazine pages and saw blade by artist Sheri Oneal called Seriality.

If you want to see the work in person here is the event info for the July 3rd show.

You can see more of my work at Inspiration Avenue Art

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