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A New Learning Platform For Creatives

Learn and Create is my new learning platform for creatives offering tips, techniques, interviews, skills, inspiration, resources, videos, courses, and business insight to artists of all kinds. Welcome to a place of discovery for artists! This is a space where you will find workshops, creative ideas, and other information for those interested in the arts. Showcasing creators in art genres of all kinds, you will discover the tools needed to help you grow as an artist.

Welcome to Learn and Create Home Page, Learning Platform For Creatives

As I navigate through these strange times due to the Covid Pandemic, I am finding extra time to explore things that interest me. I have always enjoyed bringing people together especially creatives, primarily because I am one. As an artist, I feel that sharing and networking with others who seem to understand each other helps us all to stay motivated. Right now more than ever I feel this is especially important.

I purchased the Learn and Create domain almost 20 years ago because I always believed that there might be a way I could share and help other artists but at the time I had no idea what that might look like. As time passed with lockdowns and no work coming in I began searching for how I might be able to contribute to others in a meaningful way. This new site and the idea of creative sharing was born. I know it will take time to grow my content and for me to learn how to do all these new technical things along the way. My hope is that you will be willing to grow with me and stay for the ride.

If you are a hobbyist, an artist, or a creative freelance entrepreneur, you will discover new informative skill sets needed to explore your creativity. As this site grows, so will the information and resources. I want to offer insight for not only hobbyists but also intermediate and pros alike. As a professional commercial photographer for more than 25 years, I also want to share photography courses on how to take better photographs. I want to teach you how to see light, to understand the elements of composition, and how to grow your hobby or career.

shooting architectural photos from parking garage

For more than 25 years I have been self-employed and independently ran my business on my own. I have tackled the elements of billing, sales tax, building a brand, growing a visual body of work & portfolio, and marketing myself as a business. For 10 years I shared that business knowledge as an adjunct teacher while working full-time as a professional photographer. I know that I can share those same basic business principles online with other freelance artists in a way that is easy to understand and pivotal for growing success. It will take time to build online courses but I believe it will be worth it if you choose to stick around.

The Creative Push is a blog post for all artists!

This new blog called, “The Creative Push,” is part of the Learn and Create platform. It is an informal conversational journal that will share unique artist interviews, news, ideas, and other information. It is a place designed to help motivate and inspire anyone interested in growing a creative passion. As a photographer, artist, writer, and educator I will showcase personal tips, interviews, and ideas. There will also be intimate and diverse artist interviews about people driven by the passion to create.

Artists and makers of all kinds will share their personal insights, tips, advice, and compelling knowledge of their processes with the world. They will tackle important questions on creativity, growth, and motivation as creatives. Artists, photographers, musicians, writers, and other inspired experts will discuss what they create and why it’s important with the intent to motivate other like-minded people. Eventually, I also hope to also grow a podcast and possibly a YouTube channel that adds value to the content.

My goal with all of this is to entertain while offering insight that can help anyone grow their passion for the arts. I am sure I will encounter struggles along the way but I plan to be transparent with the path and you will get to learn from my mistakes. I hope that you will follow along on this new creative journey of learning. Stay tuned for more artist interviews, inspiration, art techniques, tips, resources, photography courses, and business insight for freelancers. Grow your passion, learn from others, and get inspired to become the creative you were born to be!

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