Sunset, Puente de Isabel II, Puente de Triana, Triana Bridge, Guadalquivir River, Seville Spain

This is about days 5-6 of my Portu-Spain Adventure travel blog series through southern Spain and Portugal as I share my travel experiences along the way. We left Granada Spain to spend two days in Seville. There we explored the city, toured a cathedral, enjoyed a rooftop party, and went on a sunset cruise along the beautiful river. You can see day 4 here or start from the beginning of our trip in Madrid.

Portu-Spain Adventure Travel Blog Day 5 In Seville Spain

Each day of our adventure so far involved getting up early, seven or more miles of walking, and exploring nonstop while traveling hundreds of miles with a different hotel each night. On day 5 of our trip, we would be able to slow down and I looked forward to staying in the next hotel for two nights rather than one. We had more time in the morning and after grabbing breakfast in our Granada hotel we got on the bus for a 3-hour ride south stopping for a snack on the way to the city of Seville, Spain.

Seville Spain Cityscape

Seville is famous for its Moorish, Jewish, and Christian architecture and rich history. Taken from the Romans by Julius Ceasar in 43 B.C. it became one of the most important cities in the region. It would continue to rise and fall through many historical events involving kings, dynasties, wars, the plague, a gunpowder explosion, and a flood. Today it is a popular tourist destination not only for its rich history and incredible architecture but also for its Spanish culture and delicious tapas.

Entry into the Patio de Banderas, Seville Spain
Seville Alley Spain

Upon arrival, we checked into our rooms at the 4* Hotel Kivir and met a tour guide that Jose had hired for our group down in the lobby. We had a quick lunch at a nice little restaurant, Cinco Jotas, before walking around the city with the guide for a condensed tour of the points of interest close to the hotel.

Seville Spain window view from cathedal
Puente de Isabel II, Puente de Triana, locks on Triana Bridge, Guadalquivir River, Seville Spain

After walking around a bit a few of us broke off and went to find a fun place to sit and have a drink. We stumbled across the Bodega Diaz-Salazar, deemed as the best bar in Seville. Walking by it looked a bit like an Irish pub so we walked in to check it out and took a seat at the bar. The iconic bar’s history dates back to 1908 and offers traditional Sevillian and Andalusian tapas, stews, cured meats, cheeses, and homemade desserts. They also offer an array of beers and more than 80 different wine selections some bottled and others straight from the barrels. 

Bodega Diaz-Salazar bar, Seville Spain
Bodega Diaz-Salazar Bar

Sitting at the bar there were bowls of pickled delights and fresh olives to choose from while sipping on a beverage. I was able to catch our bartender slicing from a cured leg, small slivered pieces of Iberian ham for a customer. We all had a drink before heading back to the hotel to get cleaned up for the evening.  

A woman at a pub carves Serrano ham from a pig leg, Bodega Diaz-Salazar Bar, Seville Spain

In the evening we all dressed up and headed upstairs to the rooftop bar of our hotel for a fantastic gathering that Jose put together. He kicked it off with a champagne toast, and then, for several hours we experienced a bottomless reserve of wonderful tapas, beer, and wine. Under the moonlit sky with a cool breeze blowing we drank, ate, and laughed into the night. The lights from the city shimmered along the water of the Guadalquivir River in the distance like a beautiful Spanish painting.  

Puente de San Telmo bridge, Guadalquivir River, seville spain
Puente de San Telmo Bridge

Day 5 In Spain, The Seville Cathedral

Cathedral square, Plaza del Triunfo, Seville Spain

On day 6 of our trip after a wonderful hotel Kivir breakfast and coffee, we set out with our guide to tour the Cathedral de Seville, the world’s largest gothic church. Originally known as Almohad mosque, in 1248, after Ferdinand III conquered Seville it became a Christianized gothic cathedral. 

Stained glass saints justa and rufina with giralda, baptistery chapel, Cathedral De Seville, Spain, largest Gothic church in the world
Baptistery Chapel

Inside the cathedral, there are beautiful paintings, sculptures, goldsmithing, and textiles throughout. The stained glass and intricate Gothic vaulted ceilings are breathtaking. The tomb of Christopher Columbus is showcased as a coffin held by the statues of four men representing the four kingdoms of Spain.

cathedral of saint mary, Inside of Cathedral De Seville, Spain, largest Gothic church in the world
The Cathedral of Saint Mary

We walked up 35 gently inclined winding ramps to the top of the bell tower named The Giralda, which was designed so that men could go to the top by horseback. From the top of every side of the tower, you can see a spectacular view of the entire city of Seville and the top of the cathedral. 

Cathedral De Seville, Spain, exterior
Seville Cathedral

The Triana Bridge In Seville Spain

After our tour, we all went our separate ways to have lunch, shop, and relax. I walked across the Puente de Isabel II or Triana Bridge, which crosses over the Canal de Alfonso XIII which is one of the arms of the River Guadalquivir. We picked a cafe along the water to sit and relax under umbrellas on the hot summer day. I ordered a glass of red sangria and enjoyed the sweet fruity cold beverage while watching the boats, kayakers, and paddleboarders pass by on the water.

Puente de Isabel II, Puente de Triana, Triana Bridge, Guadalquivir River, Seville Spain
Triana Bridge

We walked around a bit looking at the shops before finding a cafe where we sat outside near the street to have lunch. I had a Spanish-styled baguette layered with Serrano ham, tomatoes, and aioli with more fruity red sangria. After lunch, I walked around taking photos of the buildings, along the water, and on back streets. It was hot so I headed back to get cleaned up at the hotel.

Patio de Banderas, Seville Spain
Patio de Banderas

We ended our day with a one-hour sunset river cruise along the Guadalquivir River. We sipped champagne as we watched the sunset on the horizon crossing under the Puente de San Telmo bridge and the Triana bridge. It was a beautiful end to another great day and our last in Spain. Everything was wonderful and I couldn’t wait to compare what I had experienced so far with what was ahead in Portugal. 

waterfront boats at Torre del Oro, millitary watch tower on Guadalquivir River in Seville Spain
sunset triana bridge, seville spain, Guadalquivir River

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