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Seeing And Understanding Light

Course Description

In this photography course, I am going to teach you the importance of seeing and understanding light. I share the key elements of lighting that professional photographers use that will help you begin to take photos like a rockstar! These simple techniques will introduce you to the different kinds of light, and how to control the color and intensity of light in your photographs. After taking this course you will start seeing the light around you in a different way.

With more than 25 years as a pro, I created this simple course in order to help anyone easily improve their photography. This course isn’t just about learning camera settings, it is about the important elements of setting up and creating beautiful photography. This course will help you take better photographs while taking your imagery to the next level.

What’s Included

26 Minutes of video lessons with detailed information and Illustrations

iPhone photo examples used to prove these tips work no matter what kind of camera is used

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Early announcements for new courses as they become available

Downloadable PDF Document of notes and Homework Assignments

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Instructor Sheri Oneal shares her 30+ years of knowledge as a pro photographer

What You Will Learn

  • How to use light to enhance your photos
  • How different angles of light change the way a picture looks
  • Simple tips and techniques that can improve your image instantly
  • How to distinguish why a photo is too dark or too light
  • Understanding why a photo is blurry
  • Tips to stabilize your camera and why you might need to
  • Why do colors look wrong in a photograph
  • Why your photos are not interesting to look at
  • How you can use different lenses to create more interest 
  • How to be a better storyteller with your photography
  • What are the key elements of composition and why are they important

Course Outline: Photography Basics

Seeing And Understanding Light

In this course, you will learn the main objectives for seeing and understanding light.

Lesson 1- The Direction Of Light

In this lesson, you are introduced to 5 different directions of light and how they change the way your subject looks in a photograph. You will learn how to set up your subject using different tips and techniques while framing your subject in the viewfinder. You will learn how to choose the best light for your photo based on what you’re trying to achieve with your photograph. All of the information is based on the same techniques professional photographers use.

Lesson 2- The Color Of Light

In this lesson, you are introduced to how the color of light affects not only your subject but your entire image. I share the basic theory of color temperature, how to determine what colors can be created depending on the light source, and how to be sure you choose the best color of light for your subject. I offer insight on how to see color in your photos and how color can affect the mood of a photograph. I go over how the camera determines color temperature in order to help you understand how to achieve proper white balance with today’s digital cameras.

Lesson 3- The Intensity Of Light

In this lesson, you are introduced to the pros and cons of how the intensity of light can affect your overall image. I share how you can create emotion within your photographs how intense the lighting is and how important the time of day can make in photography. You will learn how the intensity of light changes depending on the quality of light and the light source. I offer ways to defuse the light on your subject if needed and how the wrong intensity can negatively affect your photographs.

  • Any Camera Will Work For This Course (DSLR, Mirrorless, Camera Phone, Film, Polaroid)
  • The Proper Memory Card, Film, or Polaroid For Your Device
  • A Good Internet Connection For Watching Course Videos

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