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Take Better Pictures Using Any Camera

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Course Description

While there is no replacement for a professional photographer with years of experience and an insightful eye, you can easily improve your pictures by learning a few basic photography concepts. Whether you are using a camera or the phone that you carry around with you every day, these 5 tips will help you to create beautiful photographs if used correctly.

In this free course, I am going to share five simple tips you can do right now that will improve your pictures. Follow these simple basic photography concepts and you will see your photos improve instantly. These tips are guaranteed to help you take better pictures no matter what kind of camera you are using.

What’s Included

18 Minutes of FREE video lessons with photo examples

iPhone photo examples used to prove these tips work no matter what kind of camera is used

Instructor Sheri Oneal shares her 30+ years of knowledge as a pro photographer

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What You Will Learn

  • The importance of light in your photographs
  • How to see light in a new way
  • How to create a photo that will tell your story
  • How to use composition as a way to make your subject stand out
  • Understanding exposure
  • How to stabalize your camera

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  • Any Camera Will Work For This Course (DSLR, Mirrorless, Camera Phone, Film, Polaroid)
  • The Proper Memory Card, Film, or Polaroid For Your Device
  • A Good Internet Connection For Watching Course Videos
  • A Note Pad and Pen For Taking Notes

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