ATTENTION: If you are interested in learning how to take better photos, I am looking for 8 people interested in being test participants for a new online course I have been working on that will soon be for sale. This is a free offer if you are able to commit to 4 live classes one day a week through a private FB Live stream.

My course will teach you to see the things around you in a new way. You will gain a new understanding of light, composition, exposure, and how to combine these while using your camera or camera phone.

If you are interested in participating please email the following to

  1. A short paragraph of why you think that you should be choosen for this class.
  2. One jpg photo sample of what you consider to be the best photo you have ever taken.
  3. Options for a day and time each week you would be available as part of this live online private FB class.
  4. A promise that you will share with me what you learned, what you feel should change, what you liked or didn’t, and how you think I could improve the class once you have completed the 4 courses.
  5. Your full name, and phone number

The deadline for submission is Wednesday, September 8th, 2021 at midnight. The best candidates will be chosen and you will be contacted directly.

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